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There is so much great glass creation in Venice, 1000 years strong and the creators are still at it.  We have found some really wonderful work, unique and stunning, which we have been proud to introduce to our market over the past year.  Take a look at the lampworked rings and “Frida” roses which have been created on Murano by a talented young woman, a second generation artist in Murano.   She is so skilled with color, shape and design!  We love offering her work in addition to our regulars – all on our website.








Millefiori earrings in spring garden motif

May 2017

La Festa della Mamma –  we have the perfect surprise for Mother.  She has no idea that she wants a piece of love and artistry from Murano. Transport her with a great and unexpected gift…truly unique! Italian design and craft are never surpassed and we are so happy to be marketing this wonderful product in the US and to be introducing Murano glass products to Rhode Island through our storefront in Providence and also boundary-less  via our website, www.dreamyvenice.com.

Try millefiori earrings or pendant – this is a signature and ancient process of Murano, made with minuscule glass design pieces, which are fused together in a specific pattern.  Or…perhaps a piece created by the 17th century avventurine process with (seemingly) magical metal infused, or a piece from a dozen other processes by masters which guarantee to delight.  Take a look at our Shop Gallery of Glass page.

In any case,  a singular piece of Murano will be a delight and a surprise. What better way to honor Mom?  This product has been enchanting people for centuries.  A reasonable theory for its continued value is, besides its craftsmanship and beauty,  an understanding of the values of wonder, art and magic in a proudly Italian product.




February 2017

We are so happy to be mentioned in the March  issue of The Food Network Magazine!  The issue, themed The Italian Issue,  includes maps of three Little Italys;  San Diego, St Louis and Providence.  Dreamy Venice is included as the only non-food venue.

We are offering beautiful Venetian glass on Federal Hill,  Providence, RI’s Little Italy at Gallery Z, a fine art gallery with a 16 year history. Our fine products are placed among high quality fine art, much of which features Italy as a subject.  We are gathering a regular clientele who appreciates the food break at Dreamy Venice and Gallery Z as they enjoy the  great foodie treats of the neighborhood.  dreamyvenice.com















October 2015

We love connecting with the neighborhood,  Federal Hill, Little Italy, Providence, Rhode Island.  Still with a strong working class identity and new diversity, the neighborhood harkens tourists to its notable food tradition with so many great restaurants and cafes. Dreamy Venice Italian Room is located in Gallery Z, 259 Atwells Avenue 02903, just about at the entrance to DePasquale Square, between Venda Bar and Scialo Bakery, two other important area landmarks.

We are contributing to the cultural mix here with our Italian Room –  art celebrating Italy with  all work by accomplished artists, primarily local professionals whom Gallery Z director, Berge Zobian,  has been representing for many years.  This is in addition to our Venetian beauties, our wonderful offering of Venetian glass imported to grace the neighborhood.

We also offer some etchings of an accomplished Venetian artist, Silvio Cannizzo, living and working in Venice. He shows his work throughout Europe and we are proud to share his work on Federal Hill.  We are at the last few of his beautiful etchings of Venice and want to share his website http://www.silviocannizzo.it.  Enjoy!

Don’t overlook the work of our long-time Rhode Island artists as well…Stephan Brigidi, Angelo Marinosci, Linda DiFrenna among so many others.   Come in and witness their generous and artful inspirations from Italy.  Take a look!  www.galleryzprov.com





February 2014

I created Dreamy Venice in 2004 to offer a small line of Venetian glass products handmade in Venice, Italy today as these pieces were 1000 years ago in this vibrant art center of the world.  These are special and unique items, appreciated by folks who want something a little different, something created by artisans, something wonderfully Italian by design.

During my first trip to Venice as a study abroad student in Italy,  I was stunned (as so many folks are) by the architecture, the art, the life on the canals, the history and the aesthetics of daily life. The perpetuation of the glass industry was another layer of interest for me. Being more and more interested in the product and in its history, I decided to venture on my own in the US market.  The glass studios and companies in Murano have survived 1000 years of drama, economic and political chaos, globalization and knock-off production over the centuries.  There is, however, a certain mystique and beauty of the Venetian product whose legacy lives on in the inimitable Italian design spirit, so basic to the life in Italy.

Dreamy Venice is excited to offer this romantic production from glass makers dating back many generations and we are thrilled to represent a 1000 thousand year old, very special industry and undeniable Italian flavor.

I hope you enjoy the uniqueness of our product direct from  Venezia!