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…because we love the 1000 year old glass industry from the magical city of Venice, Italy and we love the artisan tradition which has perpetuated its survival.

As important as its palazzi, its great art, its extraordinary setting, its gondolas and its romance, Venice’s glass industry has been a vibrant part of the city’s economy for the past ten centuries. From Venice’s mythical beginning as an refuge from the invading northern folk during the Middle Ages, to its glorious years as an independent republic and international trade hub until 1797, and up to today as an important international art center, its history is alive. The influences that created this city still breathe at every turn. Venice is a true living museum.

The glass produced in Venice on Murano thrives because of glass masters’ commitment to their valued artisan tradition. They have worked at protecting their standards and keeping production within its original domain. The production from furnaces and studios on the island is one thousand years old. The entire island of Murano is devoted to creating desirable and functional glass. The island supports an ancient culture of creation to the present day. Dreamy Venice was created to share in celebrating an ancient tradition of beautiful Venice, Italy.

Our mission here at Dreamy Venice is to exhibit Venetian glass product and celebrate the survival of a historic industry, which continues to thrive in an artisan and art tradition. Dreamy Venice was inspired by the 1000 years of glass production in Venice, Italy. The city that gives life to romance and art has never stopped creating its visions in glass. Dreamy Venice imports its product to the US.






  1. Dear Linda,

    Absolutely beautiful jewelry!!!! The colors are outstanding!!
    Could you tell me about the glass? Do you actually cut the glass to how you want the jewelry to be set?
    Long time friends of Bob….



  2. Hi Jack,
    Sorry if this is a duplication, but I just saw this come up on my comments – the glass is all made in Venice, Italy, as is the design. It is all handmade, either hanblown or shaped and colored over a flame. Silver, gold and/or copper are inserted into the glass to give it special luster.
    Thanks so much for your interest and again, sorry if this is a duplication.
    I hope all is well with you and Diane,
    Best in 2018!

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