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Paper works

Well known Venetian artist, Silvio Cannizzo's beautiful classic Venice scene bookmarks, color copies of his beautiful etchings.

Price: from $20.00
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Glowing sheet glass hairclips

Beautiful glowing glass for your hair, Venetian beauty for your adornment. Shown in gold and turquoise, see drop down for other options. Pink tones with black only left , see dropdown

Price: from $26.00
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La Goccia

Stunning 2 1/2" goccia or drop on a 16" silk cord, available in black.

Price: $40.00
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Filigree long neck bottles

Playing with light, these beautiful filigree long neck bottles with stoppers are cheerful and beautifully crafted by one of our Murano masters. 10 " high, including stoppers. A beautiful gift or addition for your sunny room.

Price: from $72.00
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Bottiglie di Natura

Stunning golden color Murano blown glass bottles with distinctive stoppers for perfect integration of shape. Olivo 9 1/4" high, 14 1/8" diameter; Tondo 8 1/4" high, 15 1/4" diameter; Cipolla 6" high; 15 1/2" diameter.

Price: from $65.00
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Millefiori tree pendant

Millefiori tree pendant, little works of art in the traditional millefiori process. Very sweet, to mix and match with your own jewelry wardrobe. Silver casing or silver plated in gold.

Price: $32.00
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Color slide pendant

Drop of lampworked glass 2" long x about 1" wide, on 18" silk cord with extender, the perfect whisper of color, such an unusual piece.

Price: from $25.00
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Color burst round pendant red

Round pendant with opening, bursting with surprises of color. 2 1/2 " round pendant on 18 " silk cord. Shown in red and gold lampworked lights.

Price: $38.00
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Golden Etruscan Inspired Amphora

The perfect design is ageless. This hand etched gilded sash sits around a 7 1/2" diameter urn and is 5 1/2"in height. Signed by our Venetian master and aglow, this is the perfect gift to last a lifetime.

Price: $125.00
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lime and pink double drop egg shape

Angelo's glowing double drop egg shape

Pictured in lime and pink, available also in clear; clear and pink; clear and pewter. About 2 1/2 " lampworked glass with beautiful luminescence on non-allergic titanium wires

Price: from $40.00
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Preferito Mini Pendant

Simple mini pendant 1 1/4" lampworked drop, loads pop packed in !

Price: $18.00
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final perfume bottle millefiori

Blown millefiori perfume bottle

Blown perfume bottle in millefiori glass. Fragile and refined, unique and classic, from one of our favorite artisans. About 5 1'2" long including stopper and 11" around,

Price: $70.00
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Millefiori Tree Pendant

1 1/4" multicolored millefiori tree design, a charmer! Each different flower on the tree is its own little chip of glass, refired together in a precious metal casement. Cobalt comes in a gold casement; turquoise comes in silver casement, chains are included.

Price: from $42.00
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Stunnng sunshine

Round Sunshine Pendant

2 1/2" golden lampworked pendant studded with a few millefiori, drama and beauty, on a 19" silk cord. SOLD OUT, SORRY, ON ORDER

Price: $42.00
Out of Stock
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Lampworked glass cross

Murano crafted glass crosses in so many colori! on an 18" silk cord.

Price: from $35.00
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Dream Drop Pendant

Dream Drop Pendants

Lampworked swirled drop pendants, fantasy swirls on 18" cotton cord, the gift that will fit every taste.

Price: from $30.00
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I See Spots Stud Earrings

Pretty little studs 1/4" for a little sparkle, lampworked glass on nickel free hardware .

Price: $22.00
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Blue Tone Millefiori Earrings

Blue tone milleriori murrine earrings, 1" diameter and set, plated in gold on silver. Each murrine is individually arranged in this ancient design process - painstaking work, beautiful effect!

Price: $50.00
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Palli di sole

Palle di sole - sun balls for your window or solarium, between 10" to 11" inches, blown glass Murano work.

Price: $40.00
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Cuorcini bracelet

Wearing your heart on your sleeve with three strands of contieri beads, up to 9" with extender, shown in black and gold and also available in cerulean blue/silver blue contieri beads with a silver blue heart.

Price: $32.00
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